Message from our president

"You like it, and you learn & aquire what you pursue. Have a dream on your mind."
Wintec is formed of a group of members who can make dreams come true through a production.
We always sense changing times, obtain awareness of social duties, and aim to be a social distributing group through works.
We also believe in that we can set up the goal by sharing dreams, and it automatically raises a sense of responsibility and confidence in each staff.
Repetitive suggestions based on the truths will gain customers' trust. These will relate to outcomes.
We make profit, and share it in the group.
Business continuation and the success are based on these.

president Nobuyoshi Watanabe

Company profile

Company name
Wakabayashi Industrial Technical Ltd.
Location(Head office & Factory)
1557, Ijiri-cho, Kameyama-city, Mie pref. Japan 〒519-0131
TEL:81-595-82-7979 FAX:81-595-82-9319
president Nobuyoshi Watanabe
1 Million Yen
Number of employee
Founded in
In June of 1973
Established on
On June 1, 1976
Business activities
Manufacturing, precision-machining, and sales of Automotive parts and OA equipment parts
Main customers
F-Tech Inc. 
Ricoh Company, Ltd. 
Ricoh Industry Company, Ltd. 
Canon Inc. 
Canon Production Printing
Yanagawa Seiki Co., Ltd. 
Shimoda Kogyo Co., Ltd. 
Toyotsu Steel Pipe & Tubular Products Co., Ltd.